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Motor Vehicles

Keeping Britain moving . . .

Studying for a motor vehicle qualification will see you learn how to work safely around vehicles, use equipment & machinery and work with hazardous substances & environments. That’s not all though, the course is about gaining confidence to work on your own and learn responsibility through built trust in a working environment. It’s not all working on your own though as teamwork features strongly, you will learn to take instructions and carry them out, be part of a team and take your turn leading one. 

We have a custom built vehicle workshop on the school site which has a vehicle lift, heavy duty 10 ton press and modern professional tools for you to learn with. We use electronic diagnostic equipment and you are given a chance to learn in a realistic work environment. Our facility has its own vehicles for you to work on, however, we also offer repairs and servicing to our staff at the academy giving you the chance to work on real jobs on real vehicles. Being able to apply your skills is a core feature of our lessons. 

We aim to prepare you for your next steps by keeping the environment as close to a workplace as we can. If you work hard and put the effort in, you will leave with a Level 1 Award in Motor Vehicle Studies which many of our ex-students have found invaluable in securing work within the motor trade or further education. There is a growing need for apprenticeship students in this trade and we work closely with students to help them move forward in their studies beyond Bridge Academy.